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Can splash be a PNG

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Can splash be a PNG

can a PNG be used as a splash , to have Transparency to make creative
Splash Screens.....Thank You..

Also does anyone know what the best way to del a PAF file From
the %Temp% file is .ini script!

John T. Haller
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PNGs are not supported. The splash display component does not support alpha transparency other than via fading in and out (which we do not support or recommend in PAL).

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Gord Caswell
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no, which file

All development tests of app should include the Dev Test Splash screen, which will be replaced by us with an official jpg splash upon release. The official jpg will be wither an original one made by us, or a modification of the base app's splash screen in the odd case. In the case of one app I know of, and one app only, neither method is used.

[EDIT] Also, I don't understand the second question. Can you explain further?

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Thanks, now i Know!.. And

Thanks, now i Know!.. And for the second Q: if one was to SFX -arcive a
PAF.file to %temp% with file overite, to perserve the "Setings" every time it starts. But it is left their when it closes,in the temp file
is their a good way to DEL it from the %temp% file using the .ini file
VS adding a Batch file to do it. thanks

Cool Beans....

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