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Simple, Portable JDK + Eclipse (no download, tutorial)

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Simple, Portable JDK + Eclipse (no download, tutorial)

Hi there!

I'm new to the PortableApps forums but I have been using the website (and apps) for ages.

I don't know whether this has been posted before (or if this is even the right section Smile ) but I wanted to share how you can very easily make an Eclipse portable app with the JDK.

Don't worry, I won't post a download link (that's technically illegal :D).

There are two ways:

1: Get a friend to get the JDK on his/her computer, copy over the files.
2: (The way we'll be doing) Get the compressed binaries direct from Oracle.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Go get 7zip portable from here. (If you don't know what to do with this file, you probably shouldn't be reading this.)
  2. It's time to get the JDK! Unfortunatly, Oracle don't offer the Windows compressed binaries so we'll have to go the long way round. Go to the JDK download page before reading and accepting the JDK license agreement. Which file should we download? Pardon Get the LINUX .TAR.GZ file for your system (x86 for 32bit, x64 for 64bit. Find that out here.).
  3. Open up the .tar.gz and extract it to your Eclipse Portable\Data\Java. Then go in to your bin and change the file extension of all the files except java-rmi.cgi to .exe.
  4. That's it! You've got Portable JDK.

    If you liked this tutorial, show your appreciation/questions in the comments below! Don't post up the binaries!

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Easier way

First off, welcome to the forums proper. Second, there's a much easier method than what you propose. All it involves is downloading OpenJDK Portable and Eclipse Portable (in whatever version you want) and presto! you should be all set. You may have to set the JDK in Eclipse, but that's about it.

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Portable JDK + Eclipse

It isn't working, I downloaded the OpenJDK Portable and the Eclipse Portable (JAVA edition) and no happs.

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This did not work.

This didn't work for me. Attempting to run any of the .exe files just does nothing.

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Of course not, if you

Of course not, if you download the version for Linux it obviously won't run on Windows.

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Just unzip windows offline JDK installer binary

I know this is an old post but you can just use 7zip to unzip the windows installer binary of the oracle JDK.. This is because the binary is just a self-extracting zip file containing another zip file with the jdk and the jre inside that. Don't even think of trying the Linux tar files... They're for Linux, not windows.


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