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Unable to Choose java Installation

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Unable to Choose java Installation

I installed the latest LibreOfficePortable Version 3.4.4 and JPortable1.6.29 on a W7x64 computer.
Starting Scalc I got a lot of warnings that Java is needed to run LibreOffice properly.
Via Extras/Options/Java I tried to choose my portable java installation, but the corresponding button has no effect, no browser window opens to select an installation,...

How to solve that problem.

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no need

Normally there is no need to choose the Java installation by hand (maybe iot even breaks things if you do). If java is installed on the local PC, LibreOffice will find it. If it is installed in the proper location, it will find it too.

What path did you install LibreOffice and JPortable to?

Normally, LibreOffice is in X:/PortableApps/LibreOffice and JPortable is in X:/PortableApps/CommonFiles or inside the LibreOffice/App/java folder.

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Java is installed in

Java is installed in D:\portableApps\LibreOffice\App\java.

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Similar Problem

Isn't there a way to set LibreOffice Portable to always select jPortable as its Java Runtime Environment?

While I've yet to encounter a problem running/starting LibreOffice Portable without Java, I always have to manually select jPortable for LibreOffice Portable. Moreover, when it's applicable, I don't like for LibreOffice to use the local Java install.

My jPortable installation path:


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Select JRE

This may be late answer for this question. But for new one who has same issue, below is one option.

  1. Open Tool menu, click Options.
  2. Make sure LibreOffice tree is expanded, click Advanced.
  3. Wait a little bit for list of JRE to be populated, then click radio button of desired JRE. You can verify which JRE by looking to location of selected JRE.

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