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strange add-on after fresh install

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strange add-on after fresh install


I've just downloaded Firefox Portable 25 and installed it in a fresh empty folder. I was surprised to find out a disabled extension named SmartPrintButton 1.0 by Liu Zhen. Given home page of this developer is (not working)

There is not Remove option for this add-on.

Will appreciate your comments. Thank you.


Gord Caswell
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HP printer ?

Do you have an HP printer? This sounds like one of those annoying extensions printer manufacturers "helpfully" install to your system when you install their when you're browsing, to interface with their printer, which is then available to all browsers, portable or not.

Last seen: 3 years 2 months ago
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HP printer

Yes it is the HP Printer added this button. There is a feature named ePrint.

Thank you for all replies

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local install?

Do you havd said addon installed locally?

Firefox can not distinguish between local and portable and a portable version checks for and adds local addons to its list.

EDIT: Gord's comment is WAY more helpful than mine Smile

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