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Thunderbird Portable - Directory gone?

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Thunderbird Portable - Directory gone?

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced the total deletion of their Thunderbird directory. This is the second time in the past month. Fortunately, I do a weekly backup and just copy the directory back over to my USB drive. I have everything running off my USB drive (carry between two systems) and the only problem I have is with Thunderbird Portable. Any suggestions?

* 24.2.0 - however, the problem happened with the prior version. Everyday I use Thunderbird - I always check for updates.

* Mail Account: POP

* AntiVirus/FireWall: Bitdefender Total Security

* How often do you "Compact Folders": After one of the updates - it would compact automatically. However, I always "compact folders" manually after large attachments are processed prior to closing out.

* Deleted Folder: Physically gone from the USB drive if you look for it using a file manager. Directory name (on my USB drive) is: thunderbirdportable.

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never happened to me ...

I saw your other post and that other person who signed up to also post that they had the same problem.

I've been using it since forever between 3 or 4 xp/vista/win7 pc's, and it never lost the directory. I've transferred backup profiles to new installations when my usb got borked.

Hopefully when you say you always check for updates, it's through portablapps as the native updating process sometimes breaks portability. The version you find here is slightly tweaked for portability.

I compact about once a week.

You sure you let it finish everything before you pulled out the usb? All processes done and finished, nothing lingering in Task Manager after it's done compacting?

Very odd that it is totally gone.

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I have been using the

I have been using the software for a bunch of years without any problems at all. I have moved it to four different PC's over the years without a problem. Updates are checked through the Help Feature. I leave the USB drive (actually, it is a WD 232GB drive) plugged in until moved for travel. Yes, I only pull the plug when my system is completely powered down and off. I always close Thunderbird via the FILE - EXIT routine.

Yes, it is odd and only happens with Thunderbird (missing directory). I have all my files from numerous programs landing on my WD drive without missing a beat.

Anyway - if I ever figure it out - I will update this listing.

Thanks for responding.

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