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DownThemAll! Portable isn't

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DownThemAll! Portable isn't

I noticed there was a separate DTA! listed and it said it was portable.

It just installs the same Down Them All that is the ordinary add-on. I could not find any portable version. It says (portable) here but I can't find a different extension than the main one.

The extension on is NOT Portable. You cannot set the download address without actually going to the Down Them All page (one-click doesn't work nor does the Preferences dialog), then you actually have to download something to make it accept the change - it will forget the directory if you don't click start (I'm not sure about add paused).

It defaults to the system user download directory on C:, so if you don't MANUALLY change it every time you move, it might leave files on the C drive.

I have no control if the portable apps USB stick will enumerate as E:, J:, or some other letter entirely. So on one computer, it will download to the USB stick, on another it will try downloading to the DVD rom.

Unless the link is wrong - is there a true "Portable" DTA!? That allows directories relative to where FireFox is downloading?

I'm not complaining about whether DTA! is good or bad - it is one of my standard extensions on my NON-PORTABLE firefox. But has not been addressed. I'm only confused that something that is clearly NOT portable is in the list of portable apps. And no warning that it is NOT portable but being included for whatever reason.

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well it is an extension as any other. They are in general portable as they reside in the same place as the browser and work from there and if they do not leave any personal information on the host they are also considered portable.

If you do not set the download place correctly and leave then the downloaded files, which not the extension but you did produce, remain on C drive, that is other story. This is not the problem of extension being portable or not, but it might be a problem of ergonomic set up of that extensions GUI etc.

If I produce a text file with libre office portable and store it on C drive, well I also can not complain that libre office portable is not portable at all, because it did not notice that I did store something in undesired place Wink

Otto Sykora
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