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Notepad++ installation folders-castrative behaviour

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Notepad++ installation folders-castrative behaviour

I really appreciate the portable apps for the freedom is gives us and I respect the work of the developers. It saves me some time when I need to format my PC because I can just copy programs from the old installation to the new one directly.
Really hate when apps spread their files all over the disk, some pieces at program files, some pieces at appdata and the remaining on some obscure temporary folder.

Now I formatted the PC and decided to upgrade my portable notepad++ to the latest version and it I noticed the app is restricted!

I cannot install it in the same place I had before:

Uploaded with

I like to have my apps organized inside "program files" and now this one doesn't want to launch nor install from there. WHY? Sorry to say, but this is a completely f**ked up behavior. Portable apps should be able to run from any folder and stay together with the other normal apps.

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Never Supported, Breaks Some Apps, Locked Out For 2 Years

Installing to Program Files has never been supported and breaks multiple apps and functionality (they run in local mode when they detect running from Program Files or refuse to run at all). But users would still write in with questions insisting we fix the broken apps or wondering why all their apps broke when the upgraded from XP to Vista or later. So, we locked it out of the PA.c Installer 2 years ago. More details here:

You can move the files next to the Program Files directory and they will continue to function.

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