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Multimedia/Video work w/ PortableApps - advice needed

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Sean At Work
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Multimedia/Video work w/ PortableApps - advice needed

For those of you who primarily work in multimedia, either professionally or as a hobby, a query like this will be right up your avenue of expertise.

It seems whatever I do, I can't help but gravitate back to PortableApps when it comes to most of my projects, and this is not to criticize PortableApps at all, there are just hundreds more portable applications out there and I personally never limit my options. However, when it comes to working with video I could really use some guidance on what I could potentially do with what's available in the PortableApps suite.

I use VLC to watch anything from my rendered projects to clips I have extracted, and that is a first and most obvious choice to make. However, what of the capabilities of video editing? Can Blender and GIMP be used somehow? So I guess I'm opening this topic up to discussion as well as asking if there is anyone here who could advise me on how I could utilize some of the PortableApps programs to work with video?

Gord Caswell
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Caveat: I don't do video editing at all.

With that said, out of what we have, only VirtualDub is specifically designed for video editing.

Blender may be able to do some editing. I don't know.

GIMP is for working with photos, not video.

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