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Would you like to...

No seriously though. Can I run these portable apps using linux? Currently I'm on SuSe 10... If it is possible, how do I go about it? Linux doesn't handle .exe in the same way as windows hmm.


John T. Haller
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They're Windows-only for now. There's actually been surprisingly little interest in getting them working on Linux and Mac... at least developer-wise.

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Bruce Pascoe
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If you install WINE, you can run the applications. Just install wine, then associate .exe files with it (or just do it from the commandline--switch to the folder with PortableFirefox.exe and type wine PortableFirefox.exe). That's what I did when I was using Ubuntu. Worked surprisingly well, too.

As for native Linux versions of the apps, no. You could probably write a shell script to do it, though--there is a Linux version of Firefox, after all.

sniffass (not verified)
Thanks, I'm going to try

Thanks, I'm going to try that.
Did you have any tips on getting Medal Of Honour:Pacific Assault working in linux? At the moment I'm still stuck on how to instal direct X 9. Any tips would be appreciated.

Rob Loach
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DirectX is Windows only.

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