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Infrarecorder Portable Changes System Settings, Hides Desktop Items, etc

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Infrarecorder Portable Changes System Settings, Hides Desktop Items, etc

When I run Infrarecorder Portable, it changes my settings to hide my desktop icons, and it sets my laptop to hibernate, even though I require it to be on 24-7. WTF? It's my laptop, if I want it on, and want to see my desktop icons, that is my business!!!

This has been going on for too many years, and is the source of much frustration for many users. I think that an app that has this intrusive behaviour does not belong in the portable apps world. Obviously the author isn't going to fix these issues, and there was no reason at all to change system settings. Below are just some of the many links you can find from frustrated users on Google for this intrusive app:

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Already Handled, Different Issue

As you linked in the very first entry, I already coded a fix on our end to restore desktop icons on exit of the app.

As for hibernate, there is nothing in any of your links with anything about that, I've not heard of that from anyone else, nor observed it myself. If that is a new issue, please file a new bug report with full details (portable app version, new vs update, full install path, full OS version).

As for the issues with the base app, if you do not like the desktop icon hiding while running, please select another app. We didn't write it, nor do we support the app itself.

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