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[Solved] Blender 2.71 doesn't start

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[Solved] Blender 2.71 doesn't start

Downloaded the latest Blender 2.71 and did a new install. The PA splash screen comes up and then nothing. Task manager doesn't show anything running. Tried another clean install same thing happened.

I'm running Windows XP Home with Service Pack 2. Blender 2.70 worked!

Downloaded Blender 2.71 again and did two separated clean installs. Neither would get past the PA splash screen. Anybody else having problem with this?


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Issue is sp2 only? Heck with MS no longer supporting XP I would find it highly unlikely that any software maker wuld support XP with SP2

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Dropped in 2010

Windows XP SP2 was dropped in 2010. I doubt the Blender folks build for or test on it any longer. We only support Windows XP SP3 which was supported through April of this year.

I'd suggest running Blender directly (non-portable mode) and seeing if it starts or throws an error message.

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SP 3 Works

Thanks! I thought it might be SP 2 but I was thinking Blender 2.70 would have been 'broken' before I got around to 2.71. According to their site, some of their developers are still on XP.

If my desktop's hard drive hadn't died I wouldn't have noticed. The old laptop I'm using now runs and I just never got around to adding SP 3. Just took the compact flash, with PA, out of the desktop and put in my laptop. Thought I'd do a little updating since I's noticed some newer versions. Now I have to decide if would just be better to buy a new desktop. I hadn't because I didn't like Windows 7. Windows 8.1 doesn't appeal much. Not ready to learn Linux yet. Any way.

By the time I got Blender 2.71 downloaded I didn't want to start an install. So I did it this morning. Wouln't run either but I could see an error when Blender's console tried to run. It couldn't make a call to the KERNEL32.dll. Uh Oh, sounded more like XP and SP 2.

Went back to Blender looking for more details. Noticed the fine print on the download page about not (actively) supporting XP any longer and if errors try the Visual C++ 2013 redistributable package. Didn't help.

So I rummaged around and found my SP 3 disk and installed. Blender 2.71 works!

I went ahead and added the Visual C++ redistibutables just to be on the safe side for now.

Again THANKS to John and the rest of the PA team. That I could just move my compact flash out of my dead desktop to my laptop and keep going is just one of the things I like about PortableApps.


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