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Portable Skype always fails to install

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Portable Skype always fails to install

For all the times I've tried, I cannot get Portable Skype to install. It always says,
"The installer was unable to download Skype. The installation of the portable app will be incomplete without it. Please try installing again. (ERROR: SendRequest Error)"
And I've tried it like 12-15 times. I'm pretty desperate at this point, and I have no other usable computer besides my grandpa's.
Any help would be appreciated. I do have USB drives.

Edit: My grandpa certainly isn't tech-savvy enough to set up any blocks on our network.
I live in America.

John T. Haller
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Blocked, Misconfigured IE

That error means that the installer was unable to download Skype as part of the install process. This is basically caused by one of a few things:

1. No internet connection, though the error will be different
2. Blocked by a corporate or university firewall
3. Blocked by a local software firewall like Norton, McAfee, etc
4. Windows and Internet Explorer's connection settings are misconfigured

At school or work, it's usually #2. At home, it's usually 3 or 4.

Try and download this file within Internet Explorer. Note that it *MUST* work in Internet Explorer or it won't work with the Windows internet components used by the PA.c Installer, PA.c Updater/App Store, and all kinds of other apps. It doesn't matter what your default browser is.

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