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future changes to portableapps platform

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future changes to portableapps platform

summary: about a year ago i read that this would likely be included in the next platform update. but i don't see anything about it in the current betas. a way to keep or move the temp files rather than have them all being deleted, meaning multiple downloads of hundreds of megs when not necessary, or for use on non-highspeed connections. etc.

i've searched around, and can't easily find a place where this is being discussed. i love portableapps and have been using them for years. specifically ones from

about a year ago, i read that the option to "keep temp files" or something like that, would be included in the next portable apps platform. i have been receiving a lot of beta updates lately, but haven't seen anything that will allow me to 'keep' the temp files, so that i might be able to install them on multiple computers without multiple downloads, or computers without highspeed connection, or so many other reasons.

these files are downloaded and then deleted by default. they are already on my computer, i would just like the option to 'keep' them. perhaps an option in 'advanced tab' to 'keep temp files' or something more user friendly.

as it is now, i have to manually copy the files during the whole 'update' process. sitting at the computer 'syncing' directories, of files that are being downloaded to my computer. in order to not lose 100s of megs of downloads, when the 'platform' just decides to delete everything after installed.

shouldn't be too hard. "delete" or "not delete" option in advanced options. or if you want to get more user friendly or something, an option to move them to some kind of "saved" directory INSTEAD of deleting. so, either "delete or move". please consider this. it sucks downloading the same programs over and over again.

like i said, i read like a year ago this would likely be included in future platform updates. but as we are on beta 5, of the upcoming release, i have not seen anything. and of course i can not find that thread that mentioned "upcoming features" at this time. but it had to do with plans for future platform updates.

thanks for all your work! love portable apps.

of course this is just a suggestion to something that is already great. i just got excited when i saw that it was possibly going to be added to the next platform update.

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Save installers for later use

It's called "Save installers for later use" and it's on the big list:

Glad you like our work Smile

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thank you

thank you for your prompt reply.

this is what i was looking for. and i look forward to it in a future release.

i am happy to see it is still on the list Smile

thanks again.

case closed for now.

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I look forward to this feature in the future. Just the other day, my Firefox Portable became corrupt and my internet was down so i needed to reinstall it.

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