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Firefox Portable not performing cleanup after crash

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Firefox Portable not performing cleanup after crash

While running Firefox Portable, SMPlayer Portable and Process Explorer portable, system crashed due to power failure.

After restarting Windows, as expected, when launching SMPlayer and Process Explorer Portable both apps showed a popup warning and performed a "cleanup", but Firefox Portable started without any warning about unproperly previous close and did not performed any cleanup, so leaved some Mozilla Firefox folders and files on %localappdata%, %appdata% and a firefox registry key.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Launch Firefox Portable in a clean system (with no locally firefox installed)
2) Kill FirefoxPortable.exe process
3) Quit firefox
4) Launch FirefoxPortable again

Expected results:
Firefox portable launcher should popup warning and perform cleanup

Actual results:
Firefox Portable starts normally without any warning and not performing cleanup, so, Firefox registry entries and some files will remain on host system.

John T. Haller
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Not PAL Yet

Firefox Portable doesn't use the standard Launcher yet, so will not have cleanup features built-in. It will once it's switched over to PAL at some point in the future.

Side Note: Windows itself crashing is exceedingly rare these days. It nearly always means a failing hardware component, usually the RAM or GPU. I just had to deal with the GPU failing on my primary dev box a couple weeks ago.

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