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FF 33.0.1 portable is malfunctioning

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FF 33.0.1 portable is malfunctioning

There are a couple of major problems I have noticed so far. First and foremost, the newly designed "Open Menu" icon, on the far right side of main menu bar, does not appear to function at all when I click it. There is no error message; it just shows the little clue as I hover over it, but that is all it does. Secondly, when I use the Menu bar for View > Toolbars > Customize, the customizer does not open at all. So, since it is not accessible there or from the aforemention "Open Menu" icon, it is not available anywhere now.

These two problems are game stoppers for me, but one more problem I noticed is that the H264 Video Codec plugin does not get installed fully. It seems to be stuck, saying "Will install shortly" but never does completely.

These problem do not appear in the regular, non-portable version of Firefox. Another difference between this portable version and the regular one is that the portable one displays a phone icon among the others, which appears to be a way to chat with people somehow; though I have not explored its entire functionality because I want to wait on the other problems to get fixed before I re-install and make use of this Portable App.

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on my side all you describe does work well, so I woul dtry to reinstall the portable firefox and see then.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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