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Portable Firefox updated to 33.0.2 and is not in oficial website. (Updated)

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Portable Firefox updated to 33.0.2 and is not in oficial website. (Updated)

Hi. This is my first post and i am PortableApps user.

Minutes ago my Portable FF show a new update advise to 33.0.2 version. I click on it and almost 3MB download was applied. I post this because this release is not in oficial website. And my Portable FF is set to 33.0.2 version. See this picture:

Anyone saw this too?

Edit: This is the release at website for 33.0.2 version

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It's Fine

Firefox Portable can use the built-in updater without issue. It just leaves behind a single, non-personal, empty directory on the local machine within APPDATA.

Firefox Portable will notify of updates but is set not to apply them by default as it can be slower on a flash drive and the majority of users use the PA.c Platform to handle updates. This particular update showed up within the FF update stream while the new portable release was still mirroring through the download network. It has since been released.

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