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LibreOfficePortable and terminal server

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LibreOfficePortable and terminal server

OOPortable had a feature to run on terminal server: .ini option SettingsDirectory - to use separate folders. LibreOffice does not have this feature and users see a warning every time they start office. Option SingleAppInstance cannot help in this situation. Is there any workaround?

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Portable apps are intended for a single user at a time to run and most will not support multiple instances regardless of a setting. The SettingsDirectory variable was never designed to support a USERNAME variable but it inadvertently did due to the underlying language we wrote it in. Even with such a setting, internal things like updating the java settings in the bootstrap.ini will cause issue with multiple users.

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hello, it's a bit late but

it's a bit late but there is a solution.
Tested in the release: just change the file LibreOfficePortable \ App \ AppInfo \ Launcher \ LibreOfficePortable.ini adding the "SingleAppInstance = false" parameter in the [Launch] section.


ProgramExecutable = libreoffice \ program \ soffice.exe
Minos = 2000
DirectoryMoveOK = yes
SupportsUNC = yes
SingleAppInstance = false

This allows multiple processes to run LibreOffice on a Terminal Server.

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