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sound capture app

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sound capture app

I'm looking for an app that could capture the sound coming out of a laptop's speakers and save it as either WAV or MP3.

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I know about a portable app

I know about a portable app called MP3DirectCut.
It´s main feature is tu edit MP3 directly, but I think it also has an option to record sounds from different sources of the computer and compress it to MP3 using lame dll (never used it, thought).

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here you go

Here is the URL to mp3DirectCut v2.01

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I prefer Audacity

I found several sites that recommended Audacity
Just DL the latest stable version and unzip.
Once you open the app, you can record from your audio device easily. In Preferences you can choose the input device, number of channels, etc. Once you finish recording, you can export as a Wav or Mp3, but you can do so much more!

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