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Class not registered error

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Class not registered error

To start of, my OS is win8.1
I have never had this problem before with the Portable Apps platform.
I've been using v11 without any problem up until recently, then it gave me an error message saying:

Class not registered, ClassID:

Clicking that makes it go away and Portable Apps is still just there.
But reloading the app icons, looking for new apps to install or checking for updates makes it freeze up indefinitely (and I mean indefinitely because I left it for 3 hours with no results).

So, I completely removed Portable Apps and installed the newest one, v12.
Perhaps something has gone corrupt and will get solved by a reinstall?
Same problem:

So... how is this solved?

John T. Haller
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Windows Error

That's actually a Windows issue. That class should always exist in all modern Windows incarnations. Is Windows modified in any way?

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Not that I know of in any

Not that I know of in any way...
I certainly didn't do it, and no other programs have so far giving any errors (gimp, blender 3d, firefox etc).

I just did a google search and there's very little related.
Only two pages, and of those two pages only 5 results are exactly this error, of wich two are on PortableApps about the platform (one of wich is this one).

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Similar if not same, issue, Specified module not found

John, all,
As additional data points, I'm experiencing the same thing on Windows 7, Pro edition, 64 bit.
I just updated to PA 12, but added 6 or 7 apps at the same time, so it could be Portable Apps base making the call, or could be an app calling the missing CLSID. However I suspect PA base, since I get the message on startup, AND no icons till I take action.
Searching the registry for the missing ID finds a key pointing to C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\ernden\berdis.dll which rings no bell. The key.associated with "Task Bar Communication". There is no folder at C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\ named "ernden" and I suspect that it was something I blew away with a recent MalwareBytes cleaning...and blowing away the key from the registry (back up first!) didn't solve the problem by itself (I'll try the cure-all reboot after entering this comment.
I'm assuming with that statement that you are correct that it is windows and not Portable Apps.
BTW, for me PA doesn't freeze, just gives the error message on startup about not finding module, HOWEVER it doesn't show icons until I choose "Apps", "Refresh App Icons". Once I do that everything (that I've tried at this point) is fine.

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