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I would really appreciate it if someone could develop a 2.2.1 version of utorrent, because the 3.x versions are really awful and cannot deal with them. Thanks!

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some help

As someone who had tried other torrent programs, felt more comfortable/liked the customisationability of uTorrent and also doesn't like the latest versions, I feel your pain. (I'm using uTorrent 2.2.1 Build 25302 as my main torrent program at the moment)

However, I should point out that there are security reasons for using up-to-date versions of programs, so using an older version is at your own risk. (I really should look again at some of the other torrent programs :p)

I believe the PortableApps version of qBittorrent would be a better choice than using uTorrent (current or older versions)

however, if you really do want to use an older version of uTorrent portable, you should be able to get it, with a bit of work on your part Wink

again with a warning, at your own risk ... should use updated programs ... etc

Also, my instructions may not even work Blum

You will need to find a copy of the uTorrent version you want to use, and the PortableApps installer for that EXACT version.

The PortableApps installer is the easy one to find

all the PA uTorrent (online) installers are at:
and the 2.2.1 versions are in the "Addition Versions" section

now the tricky part - finding an older version of uTorrent on a site you are willing to trust/download from Blum

I have use Filehorse and Filehippo in the past and recommend those sites.

Look for the current release of uTorrent, and then look through the "older Versions" to find the one you want. (yes, there are so very, very many)

... I'll just go make a coffee while you find the version(s) you need/want Smile


now, to install the PortableApps version you need to do two things.

1) Put the PortableApps uTorrent online installer and the uTorrent installer into the same location (folder)

2) rename the uTorrent installer to "uTorrent_Downloaded.exe". This is VERY important, otherwise the PA installer will try to download the uTorrent installer, won't be able to find the version it wants, and fail to install (I think?)

Remember, the PortableApps uTorrent installer and the uTorrent installer need to be the same version.

Good luck Smile

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Bull's eye!!!

Thanks a zillion man, it just did the trick. Thank you very much!

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