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Where are the local data for Chrome extensions in Chrome Portable located?

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Where are the local data for Chrome extensions in Chrome Portable located?

I tried moving the data from C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Desktop\GoogleChromePortable\Data\profile\Default\Extensions to the new version of Chrome Portable that I just downloaded, but the extensions aren't showing up in the new version. What am doing wrong? I can't do without this extension data, because there is 1,400 days worth of browsing information on WebTimer, and I have tons of customization on the RES extension for reddit.

How can I get extension data from one version to another? This works on the desktop version by dragging and dropping, but not here. If it can't be done, how to I update Chrome Portable without downloading a new version?

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Won't Work, Must Use Google Sync

Google has killed the ability to move extension data portably, between Chrome versions, or between PCs. Specific elements of your profile are locked to a given PC including your extensions, extension data, homepage settings, search settings, etc. Your passwords are also locked, but Google Chrome Portable has an optional feature to work around this. You must use Google sync to keep extensions and extension data now.

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I believe you will solve this

I believe you will solve this issue. I didn't know that google had killed the portabilty of pass and extensions. I formatted my pc. I shocked when I see that all my extension, psswds and settings has gone. I hate google's software approach. I think there is no relationship with security purposes.

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