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Portableapps more intuitive

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Portableapps more intuitive

I belive this is the right place for this topic, if that's not the case please feel free to move it to the right place or notify me where should i place it, and i will do so.

Portable apps is a great tool for almost anybody, but has far has organization is concerned, it is not very intuitive.

i mean it has 300 or more applications, but (in my case i installed them all) when i try to search a specific apps, i get lost.

There's a generic folder with many apps inside, organized by alphabetic order and thats about it, no more folders to know what each app is or does, or when you place the mouse over it just shows the name of the app and it could show a description, or if you would click once, it could pop up a window with (guess what) a description Smile but instead it opens the app !

And there are still many apps that could be included in portable apps, there's another software similar to portable apps, that is called [illegal software package] and there's many apps there, that portable apps doesn't have! Why? If [illegal software package] can have them, why portable apps can't? If the developers didn't know about that other software, then i would suggest to visit [illegal software package] website and make a list of the apps they have and portble apps don't, and then add them to portable apps.

I mean if portable apps would became more organized to find a specific software and also add all the apps that are possible to have, it would became the ultimate software for anybody (and i risk it to say) in the all world!

Thank you in advance for all or any feedback provided for this suggestion!

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Folders/Categories, Descriptions, and More

The Platform has folders/categories built in (Internet, Office, etc). You can choose whether to show apps alphabetical, by category, or a smart list in the first window (most used apps) followed by alphabetical or by category in the second. This is selectable in options. When you hover over an app, it shows you the description while in English. Here's a quick sample:

Shortly, it will show the sub-category in all languages (browser, ftp) and those will be searchable as well. Type to find search is far more useful than a hundred sub-categories as folders.

The software package you mentioned is an illegal software packager. Most of the apps they bundle are done without permission. Apps like CCleaner don't permit anyone to repackage their app, but this dev in another country does it anyway. Apps like many of the open source apps we bundle require you to distribute the source code for every version you distribute, but this dev doesn't bother. Apps like Firefox require a specific trademark agreement from Mozilla, but this dev doesn't bother. This dev even took our apps, ripped our name and license off them, and passed them off as his own for years. only does 100% legal apps, always, and we don't permit discussions of illegal software.

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