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NirLauncher Launcher Dev Test 1

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Using NirSoft and/ or WSCC

Hi All;
I"ve been slogging through these posts and still haven't wrapped my head around the base concept. What I would like to do is install NirSoft or WSCC on my PortableApps usb and then click on the launcher and be able to use the NIR utilities and/or Sysinternals, either launching them with a click or launching and using a command prompt.

What I don't get is equivalent to some quick start guide. If I install NirSoft do I then have to install Sysinternals and some how hook it up to my portable apps and/or NirSoft lanucher? Does WSCC portable do all that.

Thus what I hope to get from this post is some summary bottom line that reads like:
1. Download the launcher
2. Install the usual way (add apps or use paf)
3. once installed, here is how you get a menu of available utilities.

Any help appreciated.


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