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LibreOffice lanuage installation during update

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LibreOffice lanuage installation during update

Is there any way to disable the installation of the extra language templates during an update of LibreOffice using the built-in PortableApps update system? I notice that when I update to the latest version from the previous one a lot of extra files are created in the /App/libreoffice/program/resource directory with language code names.

I'd prefer not to install the extra languages to keep storage and number of files to copy around (I keep a couple of portable app USB sticks sychronised and LibreOffice updates are my least favorite due to number of files!) If the update system cannot give me the option, can I do an installation over the top, or do I have to delete and start from scratch?

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The option to remove extra languages after they are installed is only present when running the installer manually. You can do it over the top of your current install.

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