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Moving Tab bar in portable FireFox

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Moving Tab bar in portable FireFox

Hi all,

I have just downloaded a swathe of portable apps but am having minor trouble with FireFox - I want to move the tabbar down to the bottom of the page as I have my home PC's firefox.

I have tried downloading the extension TabBrowserPreferences from the Mozilla page but that either does not complete the small 201kb download (hanging on 164kb done) or when it tries to install it says not firefox 2.0 compatible (which the developer promises is not the case).
Alternatively, I have tried making a userchrome.css file with the following:
/* Display the tabbar at the bottom */
#content > tabbox { -moz-box-direction: reverse; }

This still does not work... Anyone with any ideas!?


EDIT::Sorry cannot find how to delete this post, so here's the solution::

Ok - My fault - I have just realised that you can change the layout of the tabbar by typing in that code - i just put the userchrome.css in the wrong place... sorry!

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Save the XPI

See under known issues, extensions and themes:

If you're using userchrome.css, it must be within your profile (FirefoxPortable\Data\Profile) in the usual directory in the profile.

Using TBP is not recommended as it isn't very portable friendly (it's session saver severely slows down FFP).

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