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NO Launcher Hooray

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NO Launcher Hooray

I love to have multiple portable FFs
Up until today, I used IceDragon, because it allowed that.
The latest version v38 does not allow that.
I had been avoiding Portable Apps, because I just feel uncomfortable having a 'front end' (aka the Launcher)
I took a punt and installed your FF v41, hoping that somehow I could get it the way I want.
During the 'Install' (cough), I directed it to a folder I had created.
It is in there and running fine.
I created another folder, and copied the contents into it, and chose different skin, and had different Tabs
I always have my browsers remember the last session (the way God intended)
The two folders are now completely independent, AND NO front end to be seen.
Was I just lucky (NO front end) ?
Are there other programs at this web site, that too can be run without a launcher ?

PS I like to keep things simple, so I would never attempt to run two FFs at the same time, just because I like to avoid complications.

John T. Haller
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It depends what you mean by launcher. If you mean a menu, like the Platform, our apps and platform are independent and always have been since I uploaded the first modern portable app 'Portable Firefox' back in 2004. We refer to the menu you see on our homepage/download page as a platform or menu. When we talk about a launcher, we mean the small process that helps keep an individual app portable.

There is always the FirefoxPortable.exe launcher running to ensure that paths in the profile are adjusted at launch (since Firefox may be running from a new location) and the extra bits that Firefox leaves behind are cleaned up afterwards. Every app has an independent one even if it just acts as a simple shortcut. It's a small as possible and uses very little RAM and virtually zero resources while the app itself is running.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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