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new possible false positive

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new possible false positive

Hello Forum!

In the place that I work, we use a symnatec live endpoint proctection and I did not see that convertall being listed as a virus contained program.

I have a pic/screen shot of the anomaly.

The information that it gave is convertall.exe ( detected by Auto-Protect with a status of removed.

Accroding to their site:


Detected As:Suspicious.Cloud.7.F

see their site for further:

Thank you.


John T. Haller
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Report to Symantec

If you do a scan online, you can see that it's an issue with your antivirus. You'll need to report their issue to them. Symantec has frequent issues like this. Here's the VirusTotal scan showing the clean file alongside Symantec's broken result:

In the future, you visit our support page for links to confirm your findings:

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