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NEED old versions of softwares! Put EVERYTHING On Sourceforge!

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NEED old versions of softwares! Put EVERYTHING On Sourceforge!

For example, the new versions of Foxit Reader R UNUSABLE ribbon-based bull$hit. The last functioal version is 5.4.5. Newer does not necessarily mean better. Grow a brain, 'portableapps'. About 1/3 of the apps I use R old versions because many new things R infinitely WORSE! 4 example, N E 1 remember how krap Vista & 8 R? LOL!! How about the Micro$oft office suite ~ '97 is still their best version (has what U need & not all the bloat that slows it down & makes later versions buggy... much like their OS $abotage!)

When somebody decides 2 get a clue & upload the old versions of all your apps, like Foxit Reader 5.4.5 portable, let me know at 'balkanguy at live dot com', thanks Smile 2 bad, because now I can't use it at all because the new version is absolute $HIT!! Ribbons R a freaking JOKE! It also doesn't obey your window system color preferences, forcing light text on light background because it IGNORES my windows setting for a DARK background (programmers R such idiots). Somebody needs 2 pass a law requiring programmers have a shred of common sense or something =))

BTW: Your 'multiple code image gauntlet' is freaking INSANE!! OBVIOUSLY U have ZERO interest in people being able 2 share posts on this web site. 'Find all images with a street sign' then bla bla bla... next what do U want 2 post a comment? Blood sample & lock of hair? SO RETARDED!!!

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Click the app links

Click on the apps name in your link and that takes you to the directory with the older versions. Foxit reader and all freeware apps are not hosted at Sourceforge. They are hosted at a different site. Sourceforge hosts open source only.

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Is there any way to get old

Is there any way to get old versions from where they're hosted or not? I'd love to an old version of foxit that would run on win xp


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