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Unity 3D Free Edition

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Unity 3D Free Edition

Unity is a video game development engine. I use Unity on my home computer but I would like to be able to work on the run off of a flash drive. I have downloaded a few apps from this site and was very impressed with the results so I figured I would try to request Unity. Thank you!

Gord Caswell
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According to the FAQs, Unity 3D is license-restricted to 2 machines that you "have exclusive access to". In other words, unless we were to get special permission from the publisher, you would be forbidden from using the program portably. and based on the the wording in the license, I highly doubt we would be given permission to portablize the program.

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and deprecated I think

also looks like Firefox and other mainstream browsers are dropping or have already dropped support. probably a non-starter.

I came across it today in the course of an on-line survey that ought to have been up to date but wasn't.

Further reading suggests the publishers aren't confident of the plugin's future either so supporting it would seem short-sighted.


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Not quite

Unity is a lot more than just a browser plugin for games - it is one of the largest cross-platform game development engines out there right now (covering most popular desktop, console, mobile, smart TV and VR formats).

A growing number of Unity games are being released on Steam all the time and looking at computer games on Kickstarter every second to third one is developed in Unity. This includes some big games from experienced studios, such as the upcoming Underworld Ascendant.

The deprecation you are talking about is either the Web Player, or potentially only for version 3 (version 5 is the latest), not for Unity 3D as a whole.

Regarding browsers, yes they are all locking down their APIs which makes the NPAPI browser plugin useless, but I am sure the people behind Unity are already working (or at least thinking) toward a solution they already have a solution that exports to WebGL standard code - thus requiring no plugins on the browser side.

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i like

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how u download?

Tell meh how to download ples cuz im new


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