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Mind Map

Program: Xmind

License: EPL and/or LGPL

Description: A mindmap program.


Program: FreeMind

License: Open Source

Description: A mindmap program.


And any good mindmap software? I need that.

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Freemind appears to be zero-install

according to this post
freemind provides a zero install package

Edit: just tried one of the FreeMind zips and PA finds it and runs it fine, so it is probably best to go with that rather than wait for someone to pick up the out of date development test


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Freeplane is also an option

Freeplane is, IIRC, a fork of Freemind and was being updated more aggressively. It states that it can be run portably, although I can't report on whether it's stealth along the lines of PA. The home page is . It is cross platform and requires Java. I have used it on both Win 7 and Linux Mint. The Mint version is an earlier one than the Win version I am using, so I get a warning about that if I open a Win generated mindmap on the Linux side, but it seems to be fully functional when opened.

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XMind standalone installation available

According to Xmind is available as a standalone installation that you can download as a ZIP file. But when I tried putting this in my PortableApps folder it fails to find the executable XMind.exe file (because, I think, it's in a sub-directory as opposed to the top directory of the directory structure). So perhaps with a little tweaking someone could get a .PAF.EXE version up and running.

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A bit more than a 'little tweaking' I think! XMind, like that vast majority of MindMap applications is a Java app, only it comes with an embedded version of Java so that it can run directly and 'portably' on PCs with no Java installation.

I have not yet seen any official Java Apps released by PortableApps, so I doubt many developers would rush to release a test version without some commitment towards the release of fully tested Java apps, apart from which, the natively portable version would really need to be reduced significantly in size (almost 500Mb uncompressed) by removing the embedded version of Java and be made to work with the portable version distributed here. Of course, anyone can use the PortableApps development guidance to create their own launcher for such apps.

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