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IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition (REMOVED)

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IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition (REMOVED)


Application: IntelliJ IDEA
Category: Development
Description: IntelliJ IDEA is a cross platform Java IDE. With IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition you can create apps in java and for Android systems.


Release Notes:

  • Sorry for taking so long to update the program. RL intertwined. As I mentioned before, my old PC died right as I was switching jobs. By the time I got around to getting a new one it was already new year and all the headaches that come with it.
  • During the Development test and to make it easier to upload, the installer will be an Online Installer.
  • The new link leads to a directory from which the program or source code could be downloaded.

  • Development Test 4 (2015-03-29):

    • Upgraded to IntelliJ IDEA 14.1
    • Updated Link to install latest version.

    Development Test 3 (2015-02-18):

    • Upgraded to IntelliJ IDEA 14.0
    • Linked to GIT Portable established.

    Development Test 2 (2014-07-29):

    • feature added
    • bug fixed

    Development Test 1 (2014-07-06): Initial release

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    Installation error

    When i install i got error: The downloaded copy of IntelliJIDEA is not valid and can not be installed. Please try installing again.

    This error is when i choose english language on first step, when i try to install polish then error is about that this copy of IntelliJIDEA is corrupted and cannot be installd.

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    Sorry, My computer died

    My computer died within days of uploading of the file and I could not get a computer until now.
    Will look at the problem and upload the correction.

    Have a Happy New Year!!!

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    Updated Installer

    Hi I have updated the installer to IntelliJ IDEA 14 and also linked it to the directory and not the file directly.

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    Where to get it?

    THX a lot.

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    Portable JDK

    You don't really need Portable JDK.
    You either need to download a Java JDK from Cysco and install it, or portabalize it (Will upload the instructions and the file soon. Due to Cysco license cannot upload portable JDK, as such you will have to create it yourself).

    Dan Carroll
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    Portable JDK

    You can grab a copy of the JDK by downloading the Windows installer and using 7zip to unload the EXE file. You will get a file that can be unloaded into a jdk folder.

    Dan "FloriDan" Carroll
    Just an old hacker having fun.

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    Online Installer: Download Error & Basic tips

    When attempting to install, I get a "ERROR: Access Forbidden (403)" download error.

    Also, your version numbering seems to be a bit confused, and your download link goes to a folder full of unusual items.
    The normal version numbering system used at is that the Development Test # is reset to 1 each time the base app is updated. (e.g. App Name Portable 1.0 Development Test 1 -> App Name Portable 1.1 Development Test 1 -> App Name Portable 1.1 Development Test 2 -> App Name Portable 2.0 Development Test 1 … etc.) and the main download link should point directly to the .paf.exe file for the version stated (which should be the most recent version).
    Also, I'm not sure what to think of the .zip, .7z, and Not_Working_… files there. What version(s) are these associated with and/or why are they there in the first place?


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    HI, I have not worked with

    HI, I have not worked with the program for some time, had to switch IDE, as such I need to update the downloader for the newest version available.

    In regards to development tests, I am using my numbering scheme to keep track of changes I am introducing and refining. The reason for that is that you could use any version of my launcher and just change the file downloaded to the get the latest file available. (I.E, you could use "App Name Portable 1.1 Development Test 1" to get the latest version of the software.) At this point the launcher is stable and I was trying to adjust some semantics for myself.

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