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ConEmu Portable 150327 Development Test 3

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ConEmu Portable 150327 Development Test 3

Application: ConEmu
Category: Utilities
Description: ConEmu is a Windows console window enhancement (local terminal emulator), which presents multiple consoles and simple GUI applications as one customizable tabbed GUI window with various features.

Download ConEmu Portable 150327 Development Test 3 [2.0MB download / 6.0MB installed]
(MD5: 1522c3c92ab9a9496a68394dc0e3bda7)

Release Notes:

Development Test 1 (2013-11-07): Initial release
Development Test 2 (2014-03-04): Build 140304. Leave user folders on updating.
Development Test 3 (2015-03-27): Build 150327. Many fixes and new features, project moved to

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Beta test

As I'm using ConEmu on some computers, I just tested the portable version.

Windows 7, ConEmu never installed: works fine.
Windows 7, ConEmu used before, but ran portable: works fine.

Thank you for making it portable!

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How to run ConEmu x64 ?

How to run ConEmu x64 Portable ?

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New versions / Format compliance

I see new versions have been published: 150813g (Stable) / 160301 (Preview) / 160403a (Alpha)
It appears that you're publishing updated packages along with your installers.
However, your packages don't properly conform to the Format.

Here's a quick rundown of things I noticed after a cursory glance.

  • In App\AppInfo\appinfo.ini:

    • [Details]:AppID should be ConEmuPortable
      Also, Preview & Alpha versions should have their own AppID (e.g. ConEmuPortablePreview & ConEmuPortableAlpha)
    • Your Sections are out of order ([Version] should be after [License])
    • [Details]:Homepage should point to this thread
    • After [Details]:Homepage you should add
    • [Version]:DisplayVersion should include Development Test # after the ConEmu version.
      (where # is a Development Test build number for this particular version of ConEmu)
  • In App\AppInfo\installer.ini:
    • [MainDirectories]:RemoveDataDirectory should be omitted if set to "false"
    • [MainDirectories]:RemoveOtherDirectory should be omitted if set to "true"
    • The [CopyLocalFiles] & [FilesToPreserve] sections (which are currently commented out by placing a ; at the beginning of each line) should be removed.
  • In the Other\Source directory:
    • The following files are missing: AppNamePortable.ini, LauncherLicense.txt & Readme.txt
      you can get these from the Application Template, downloadable via the "Development" page, linked at the top of every page on
    • Also, it would be nice to add a License.txt file containing ConEmu's license.
  • In the App directory:
    • There should be a readme.txt file. You can also get this from the Application Template.


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ConEmuPortable was updated. Check here.


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