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converting files back to OO files

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converting files back to OO files

I use Open Office for all my correspondence which is about 20 letters a day. I have been saving them to my U3 cruzer until I have about a weeks work then move them to a CD and delete the copies from my cruzer. Last Thursday I needed to review one of my letters and tried to down load it from the CD, I accidently clicked on the fire fox button and all the files on the CD immediately changed their icon to the firefox icon and now I can not open any of the files on that particular CD. I tried to experiment a little and stuck another CD in the drive and low and behold the icon on everyone of those files also turned to the Firefox icon. Can anyone give me some suggestions on how I might go about reversing this situation so that I can access and read those files. I am real good at following instructions but a little short on deep knowledge of Microsoft and program languages etc.
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right click

1. rightclick on the Oo-file
2. chose "open with"
3. chose OO and check the checkbox at the bottom which says "open always with this programm" or something (Im german...)

I have Win too, but I` working on Linux now so maybe I dont remember things the right way.

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One more thing

You may need to hold down the SHIFT key when you rightclick on the Oo-file (step 1) to display "open with" in the context menu (step 2)

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