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Pidgin: invisible text bug on portable FIXED!

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Pidgin: invisible text bug on portable FIXED!

well, when i downloaded gaim portable, i noticed alot of words were "invisible" or were partly gone. so i worked on it and was able to fix it. what i did was download gaim (non portable) 1.5 with gtx. i downloaded to to my desktop, so your file locations may be different. but anyways.... i found a folder named "gaim" on my desktop, but it actually contains all the gtk info, not gaim info. all i did was delete on my flashdrive gaimportable/app/gtk and put the gaim folder from my desktop right where the origional folder was. then i renamed the "gaim" folder to gtk. All done. it would be nice if this was put onto gaim portable so you wouldn't have to do this to make it work properly. hope this helps and i hope this glitch can be fixed for future downloads.

(i am using a windows xp and running it off a 1G 2.0 flash drive)


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Upgrading my GTK would fix

Upgrading my GTK would fix my font problems but would crash my beta5 client when changing aways. I did get my font fixed though by going into the gtk theme control plugin prefs and configuring the gtk+ interface font and all 5 fonts under the fonts category. I didn't change anything else from the default. I made these all 10pt verdana on my client. Selecting treeview indent expanders also crashed my client when receiving an IM.

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