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Locate32 portable?

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Locate32 portable?

I am using Locate32 at the moment for file searging and indexing. The program is in a zip file but uses the windows register for settings. You can download the Source code on the webpage.

I was wondering if anybody wants to make it portable.

p.s. Instead of giving lots of information about the software, you can better try it out yourself, or watch the movie:

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One question: what for?

One question: what for? It'd have to create a database every time you connect it. It's slow as hell, 100 normal searches is way faster.

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Ehh. Realy this program is

Ehh. Realy this program is realy realy fast. making a first database takes a little time, like a 5 minutes. updates are shorter. I'm talking about a harddrive with more than 400 gig. you can also make appart databases for cd's or other harddrives.

searching speed deppends on the amount of files, but is allways at least 10 times faster then Windoos-search.

Well, if you work on different PC's it would be nice to have one database on stick for all computers, but it would be cool to still use another version on the harddrive when you don't use the stick. Locate32 uses the register to point to the location of the database file. So it's not possible to use more than one version on one user account. Also, in some situations more users use the same user account.

Anyway, it would be cool to have sort of a database search program for your usb stick. Especially when you have a lot of storage and a lot of files. I've got a 2 gig. usb-stick.

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Ok, I understand. You use

Ok, I understand. You use only several computers and you're able to keep a database for all of them. In such case it can make sense.
BTW you have a fast hard drive.

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Most definitely
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Locate32... a simple, fast, desktop and network search tool

Hello datiswous,

First I want to let you know that I am a portableapps addictive from the early beginning. For some years I was looking for a simple, fast, free, desktop and network search tool. I found it all in locate32 for Windows.

But locate32 isn't yet portable. To make it portable I use the famous kix32.exe utility from (a tool that helped me to make a lot off stuff portable).

F:\Locate32>edit Locate32.kix

If @HostName = "myComputerName"
Run '"@ScriptDir\Locate32.exe" -L1 -L"\\Server\Share" -d "@ScriptDir\@HostName.dbs"'
Run '"@ScriptDir\Locate32.exe" -L1 -d "@ScriptDir\@HostName.dbs" -u'

F:\Locate32>kix32.exe Locate32.kix

This is a simple but effective approach to make some software portable. I Hope this will help you and other people to make the world more portable.

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Isn't Everything ( portable? I think it search live or it might do a database like Locate32. Just a thought.

edit: It indexes quickly. And it might not be a single exe. Sorry for failing.

PS. It's not Open Source as far as I can tell but it is a single exe.

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"Everything" works better than Locate32

(Updating this item after 6 years, in november 2013..)

The current version of Locate32 is portable, as far as I can see.
But "Everything" is portable too, and works even better than Locate32, I think.

Download (free) here:
There are two kinds of downloads for the same program: the exe-version has an installer. The zip-version (after unzipping) works portable. It's very practical to have that choice here for those, that have trouble creating shortcuts themselves.

Both downloads result in the same Everything.exe of 588 KB.
You can paste Everything.exe to any location, and it will work.
After the first run it produces a config-file and a very small database file (a few MB) in the same folder. If you delete them, they will be re-produced at the next run.

I think, "Everything" works simple and beautiful. It created a database of half a million files in just a few seconds, and updates on the fly, while you create new files. When closed, it runs in the background.
After start, you can immediately type in a search field, and get immediate results while you type.

"Everything" is slightly more practical than Locate32. Also it's default config is better. After installing it did exactly what I wanted. (like finding files that had both words I typed in, in their name)
Downside: it works on NTFS-formatted drives only. (not FAT or FAT32)

See for "Everything" also:

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Locate32 (portable)

Version (zip). available from ...
Developer has "passed in" the project to Sourceforge

One problem on my Win-7 HP (32bit) ...
- Locate32.exe encountered an error -- looking for missing DLL file "msvcr120.dll"
- downloaded "msvcr120.dll" from ... scroll down to free download
- scanned the DLL file with

Extracted DLL from ZIP and copied to same folder as "Locate32.exe" ... restart Locate32.exe Wink

Default folder for saving dataBases is C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\Locate32\files.dbs
- default folder can be customized to any folder, I chose the app. folder with "Locate32.exe" ...

Scans NTFS and FAT32, including external USB drives
Smile Smile

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