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Stickies portable 9.0c

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Stickies portable 9.0c

Hello, thank you for the software! i love it !

However i would like to suggest few improvements that would make a great software even better!

1) make the software available to autostart at loggon (its a bit annoying to have to start it yourself every time, and sometimes i forget which makes a daily reminder useless if the program isn't running)

2) When i use a recurrent sticky (lets say every hour of everyday) and i am logged off for a few days. When i start the program again, bunch of recurring stickies stack up to compensate for when it was turned off. Quite annoying to have to manually close 50 stickies for 5 minutes!

Thats it!

(maybe there are work arounds for me to make those work? but i havent seen them)

Any suggestions?

Thank you !


John T. Haller
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Have the Platform start with Windows. Then you can have it autorun Stickies.

If you want something to automatically start with Windows directly, I suggest using the installed version.

If you wish to use our portable version and have it start with Windows without using the Platform, manually add a shortcut StickiesPortable.exe to your Windows Startup folder.

#2 you'll need to talk to the publisher. We don't make it, we just make it portable.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Last seen: 7 years 4 months ago
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thank you for the tip, works

thank you for the tip, works for me !


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