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Program Compatibility Assistant error on exit

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Program Compatibility Assistant error on exit

I get this error when i close the Platform about miising windows component. This happens when i try to play youtube video from firefox portable (that doesn't have flash plugin on plugins folder). I also don't have flash installed on my computer. I have UAC disabled.
Tried with clean install of Platform. Copied the folders of the different portable apps to the new installation folder, but the error still occurs.
The error looks like this

Does anybody know why this does happen?

Thanks in advance!!!!

John T. Haller
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Could you please add "relevant details on your current system (operating system version, 32 vs 64-bit, full install path, new install vs upgrade, etc)".

Start.exe is written in Delphi XE2 and has no requirement for flash.ocx within it.

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Thanks for clarifying that's

Thanks for clarifying that's there is no requirement for flash.ocx. This way i found out that it was not pam's fault,
I think i fixed the problem. It is related to potplayer portable when using "open with" addon in mozilla portable to open youtube videos on potplayer. It has to do with the way potplayer handles youtube streams and the configuration u have to make so it can playback video.

Thanks for the quick reply. You guys are doing an amazing job!!

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