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This is a new app I found recently. I'm digging it. It's already portable but it'd be nice if portableapps suite delt with the updates etc.

Wm ...
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I have Cygwin on my home HDD

I have Cygwin on my home HDD as well as a Lubuntu VM. Having read the link it certainly sounds interesting but I can't quite get my head around what it is conceptually, or perhaps another way of putting my query is, "as a PA user how do you find yourself using it? How is it useful?"


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I use Cmder for Git and love

I use Cmder for Git and love it (

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Are there any plans to add Cmder to the PortableApps Platform this year?

John T. Haller
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Rather Large

I'm guessing people are looking for the "full" version with git support, yes? If so, it's a bit large weighing in at 220MB.

Note for later devs: The portable package is pretty typical for a ZIP "portable" app and leaves things behind on the local machine. Just on a quick run without using git I found LOCALAPPDATA\clink as well as HCKU\Console\ConEmu. So a good chunk of settings are not portable and will need adjusting in a PAF package.

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220MB isn't large

The smallest thumb drive I have is 2 GB and that's dinky today. You can get 100+ GB thumb drives for dirt cheap. 220MB is not large by today's standards. It wasn't even large 5+ years ago! This app would be the best portable cli if it was included in portable apps.

  • Jim
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Great Application

This application is really great.

It would a great addition to PortableApps.
It will solve the Command Line / CMD / Terminal and Git at once.

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