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Polaris Office Portable

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Polaris Office Portable

I Can't Believe Polaris Office isn't on already seeing how popular it is.

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This doesn't look like an

This doesn't look like an open source program...

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but thats freeware

but thats freeware

John T. Haller
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Freeware vs Open Source

Freeware means no cost. It doesn't mean we can repackage it and distribute a portable version. We'd need permission from the publisher to do so.

Open source apps allow us to repackage and distribute as long as we follow the license.

I'm unfamiliar with Polaris (first time I've heard of it) so I don't know how complicated it would be to package if the publisher gave us permission to do so.

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If popular means the number of installations worldwide, then yes. But number of installations says nothing about popularity in this case. I know that it is forced preinstalled on many smartphones, can not be uninstalled, but so far I have not met anyone to use it really and particularly never met anybody using it on windows, as there much better alternatives.

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anything can be uninstalled with various programs

Such as revo uninstaller for example.
OP I think you were looking for this.

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