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Getting Open Internet Error when attempting to update

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Getting Open Internet Error when attempting to update

I'm getting the following error when trying to update:

"Unable to connect to to retrieve portable apps. Please try again later. [Open Internet Error]."

Here's what I've tried:

1) Allowing the platform and updater through my firewall.
2) Enabling it in my other security software.
3) Changing the connection settings from "Automatic" to "Direct Connection (No Proxy)."

Oddly, as I was posting this, the app froze and I couldn't close it so I'm not sure what that's about.

I'd appreciate your help.

Thank you.

John T. Haller
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Internet Explorer Working?

Is Internet Explorer working on this machine? IE uses the Windows internet components as the PA.c Updater/App Store/Platform (and lots of other apps) do. Can you visit in IE and download an app for example?

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