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Desktop icons disappearing with PortableApps 14.4 Platform

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Desktop icons disappearing with PortableApps 14.4 Platform

Dear All,

it may be related with special "corporate policies" which apply definitely to my hardware used mainly with PortableApps, but I'm facing an annoying issue. First of all, my configuration:
- Dell Lattitude E5570 w/ Intel i5-6300U @ 2.4 GHz / 16 GB RAM, full touch support
- Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64, german locales
- PortableApps 14.4
- Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 v10.2.4.674
- PortableApps Installation Folder: %UserProfile%/Tools/PortableApps

PortableApps platform isn't started automatically w/ the operating system or user logon, so I start it manually when needed. Since this release (14.4) or the release before, I encounter the following issue: at exact the point I start PortableApps platform (PortableAppsPlatform.exe) all of my Windows desktop icons disappear and reappear by PortableApps platform close. Funny, eh? I can make the desktop icons appear again and with platform running, by use of the Windows desktop context menu: de-select "View > Show Desktop Icons" and click "Show Desktop Icons" again -> the icons are there as expected before.

With another Notebook I've got access to running Windows 10 Enterprise x64, there's no desktop icon issue w/ PortableApps platform 14.3 and 14.4.

Any hints? Any idea what's going on there?


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Please check under Options -

Please check under Options - Advanced tab, if Hide Desktop icons is checked (Optionen - Erweitert - Desktop Symbole verstecken). Unchecking it should do the trick.

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