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Portable FIrefox using VLC Web Plugin

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Portable FIrefox using VLC Web Plugin

I am trying use Firefox Portable with the VLC Web Plugin. I have copied npvlc.dll, npvlc.dll.manifest...but it doesn't work.

There are some way to do it?


Samuel Elstein
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Firefox 52 dropped plugin support except Flash

Firefox, as a version 52, has dropped support for all plugins except for Flash. For more details, see Plugins is becoming a dying technology for browsers with HTML5 and various APIs introduced. Flash itself will eventually be dropped sometime in the future.

You would need an older version before 52 to use other plugins, though I don't recommend it. Firefox 51.0.1 Portable in any language of choice can be found at I am not sure if they are still supported in the ESR versions of Firefox Portable (version 45 at time of writing), but that may be worth a try. Link is . If you decide to do so, keep in mind Firefox portable comes with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. You would have to disable 64-bit Firefox to use it, detailed at, as 64-bit Firefox only supported Flash and Silverlight as 64-bit plugins. In addition, I had an old post detailing VLC plugin, and it required the various folders and DLLs along with the plugin DLL to function properly (GUI for player and codecs and muxers for media files). It is like having almost the entire VLC program in the plugins folder (Apparently copying the plugin itself causes it to not locate the needed files).

If you are a web developer and want video in a web page, I recommend using HTML 5 <video> and <audio> tags instead of <object> and <embed> tags with the supported file formats and codecs (MP4 files using H.264 with AAC or MP3 codecs, WebM files, Ogg files using Theora with Vorbis, FLAC, or Opus codecs, MP3 files, FLAC files, and WAV files using uncompressed PCM).

Personally, if it is not in a HTML5 supported format, I recommend pointing Firefox to VLC media Player Portable as a helper application or just downloading it, instead of plugins.

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