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PortableApps - Menu - Search

Hello everyone,

I'm using PortableApps for some years now and in addition to the already huge
amount of apps I also added lots of other, also portable progs.
To find the needed app, I often use the SEARCH - functionalty. This reduces the
shown Apps in the Menu, depending if the search is part of the apps name or if
'it looks like, part of an describing index / keyword list'.
Now I like to know, if there's any possibility to add / change /edit these 'keyword
lists' & if possible, how to do so.

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Exactly my question as well.

Exactly my question as well. ... I thought I had figured out a way to do it by adding things under the "description" part of the appinfo.ini file but it doesn't seem to work every time.

It would be nice if we could had a "Keywords" area to that appinfo.ini file or something of the sort.

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