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Cancelling an app download affects later downloads

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Cancelling an app download affects later downloads

To open this subject again, when I cancel downloading of a specific program, it affects all subsequent downloads and corrupts their installations.

Surely there is a better way.

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John T. Haller
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Cancelling One Shouldn't Affect Others By Design, More Details

When cancelling a download in the updater, subsequent downloads should work fine and proceed as normal. The code is designed that way. To confirm, I just tested it with two apps being updated. Cancelled the first. Second proceeded as normal. I'm sorry to hear you're seeing something different. Can you give me a specific set of apps to set to download or update and cancel to reproduce the anomaly you are seeing on your PC?

Note: I moved your comment to a new thread as it was unrelated to the topic you posted in. That topic is about hiding apps from the updater so you're not prompted to update in the first place.

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