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Freeplane portable did not close properly ...

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Freeplane portable did not close properly ...

Hye everybody
I have fought with this error for one hour now :
"Freeplane portable did not close properly last time it was run and will now clean up. Please then start FreePlane Portable again manually."

I know this is an old story, already mentioned in an item that has been definitely closed (
item that points itself to the documentation :

Now I am just stuck there : FreePlane just does not start anymore, whatever I can do : unistall, reinstall, reboot the Windows PC, ...
My problem is that I have been using FreePlane for more than 2 years now, putting there all the daily notes I take at work.
I really need to have FreePlane run again in order to recover all my notes.

What should I do according to you ?
Many thanks in advance

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Just run it again

Hi, when it happens to me, I just run app again.

It seems that every PortableApp has a "PortableApps.comLauncherRuntimeData-xxxx.ini" file inside its Data folder (maybe pointing to some temp folder). When it's running and for some reason quit unexpectedly, it leaves this file untouched (and doesn't erase the temp folder). Running it again will reset things back to normal: the data file is deleted (and also the temp folder). All you have to do is running it again.

IF it doesn't work, open the above mentioned data file and see what's folder it's pointing to. Erase this folder, then delete the data file and try running it again.

RaphaelRB - Brazil

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Portable Freeplane


The FreePlane app is not released by, but directly by the developers in PortableApps format, so you need contact them for support.

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