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How to call ProfileManager and create new profile folder?

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How to call ProfileManager and create new profile folder?

By default normal (non-portable) Thunderbird has a default profile folder.

Where is this profile folder located in the Portable Thunderbird installation?

Assume I want to define now a second, own profile folder inside a Portable Thunderbird installation folder like


How can I achieve this?

When I call the ProfileManager for the normal, non-portable Thunderbird then the PM creates a "redirect" file "profiles.ini" with the location of the actual new profile.

How is this redirectrion setup in portable Thunderbird?


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Profile manager is local, use Second Profile

Profile manager for Mozilla apps is designed to work locally and track profiles from there. It won't work with your portable app.

If you'd like a second (or third, etc) Thunderbird Portable profile, use the Second Profile feature detailed here:

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