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TakeOwnershipEx (get full access to read-only files and folders)

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TakeOwnershipEx (get full access to read-only files and folders)


stores settings in %APPDATA% (needs admin rights)

can be used to obtain full access to files and folders on your computer.

As you may know, in modern versions of Windows the default owner of most files is TrustedInstaller, and

all users have read-only access (in most cases). TakeOwnershipEx allows users of the "administrators" group

to become owners of files or folders with one click. It gives full access permissions too.

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TakeOwnershipEx (already portable)

The program has no settings to save so it's portable already. You can skip the install process via Universal Extractor (via legroom) to get the EXE file and the program is portable so it should be easy to adapt to a PA. I don't think there's anything like it on the site.

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Is it possible that someone could just make a launcher for it ?

As is the app are already portable, all it needs are just a launcher Smile How to do it ?

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what for?

if it is portable (is it really?) then what do you need the launcher for?
Use it just as it is.

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