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[Closed] ThunderbirdPortable launcher called with long command line arguments

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[Closed] ThunderbirdPortable launcher called with long command line arguments

Windows 10 64bit
ThunderbirdPortable 52.5.0 32bit

If mailto links are assigned to be opened with ThunderbirdPortable, it seems to truncate the command line arguments it sends to thunderbird.exe.
I've tested the same long mailto link, almost 1000 chars long (the raw url encoded version) with predefined body etc, with the same profile in both portable thunderbird and a normal thunderbird installation. In the normal installation (same version 52.5.0 32bit) it works just fine. I've tested the mailto link in Firefox 57, Edge and IE11, all with the same result.

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1024 character limit

The maximum length of a string in NSIS, the programming language used to make the ThunderbirdPortable.exe launcher, is 1024 characters. The full command line length used to start Thunderbird must fit within that length. So, the actual variable to launch the app will be `"X:\PortableApps\ThunderbirdPortable\App\Thunderbird.exe" -profile "X:\PortableApps\ThunderbirdPortable\Data\profile" YOURCOMMANDLINEARGUMENTSHERE` There is a secondary build of NSIS that supports 8K strings but I'm unsure how well it is supported or whether the NSIS plugin DLLs we use would be compatible with it.

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