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RAM optimization for Launcher

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Antony Murste
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RAM optimization for Launcher


Why does Launcher take up so much RAM? Launcher has much less functionality than the application being launched. But Launcher requires RAM more than the application you are running.

For example
AkelPad.exe - 7 MiB
AkelPadPortable.exe - 40 MiB
ProcessExplorerPortable.exe - 38 MiB
ProcessExplorer.exe - 36 MiB

If I launch 15 portable applications, then 15*40=600 MiB of RAM will be wasted without any benefit.

This is bad. Could you optimize Launcher, please?

Thank you.

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For optimization, write your

For optimization, write own launcher or make PortableApps.comLauncher.nsi easier, removing from there what you do not use and other checks.
Will help you with this:

John T. Haller
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We had some optimizations within the launcher to call the Windows API to EmptyWorkingSet but I'm unsure if it's bugged in the current launcher. I'll have to investigate.

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