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Update some apps

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Update some apps


My problem is, that I can't update some portable apps. 1 or 2 have been done, but the rest will not update since some days. Can you help me with that?

Here's the link to a screenshot:!WVN2hRDI!-O4U3zRz1BqX_hFlmnwRa-2lbYCIg8qzOv0N640MCZg

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SourceForge Mirror?

Could you please try to download from the browser and let me know what your local SourceForge mirror is? These downloads are hosted by SourceForge and they use a series of free download mirrors around the world. Every once in a while one has some issues. As SourceForge just did a huge data center move at the end of last week, it could be related to that.

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